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Five Minute Manifestation for Beginners

Attracting what you want is a beautiful practice that can begin with a simple list. You don’t have to be a manifestation guru and never have read The Secret to get what you want. It’s as easy as creating a bucket list. So go ahead, grab a post-it note. Tear a sheet from an old notebook. Use a napkin from last nights takeout. Anything!

On your piece of paper, start by writing on the top “What a really want is...” then list five things that you really want. That’s it. Just five.

Need help? Here are some prompts that you can answer to get you manifesting!

•What do you want to accomplish by the end of this year?

•Where is one place you want to visit this in the next six months? (hint: we hear Lake Atitlán is pretty amazing)

•Is there a book you’ve been meaning to read?

•Is there someone you want to forgive?

•What is one thing you’ve been afraid to try because you think you won’t be good at it?

There you go! Answer these five questions or come up with your own.

Next, look at each of your answers. I mean, REALLY LOOK AT THEM. Now place your right hand over your heart and breathe in deeply as you focus on each goal. Picture yourself doing each one. Take your time with this step. You will know that you’re done when you feel deep in your being the power that you have to accomplish everything on this list.

Now take your list and stick it on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror or anywhere you will see it every morning and evening before bed.

I bet, if we check in with you in 90 days that you will have at least one item completed!

Want to add an extra boost to your manifestation energy? Tells us what you’re manifesting. Telling others and putting your goals out into the universe helps you stay accountable AND tell the Source Energy what to send you way.

Happy Manifesting!

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